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Structural Design & Robotic Workshop

Reservation system - 予約制

The studio under the supervision of Mitsuhiro Kanada is focussed on structural design, as to explore new means of structural and architectural typologies, space uniqueness and fabrication.


The architectural design becomes our studio mainly experimental and gives an priority to the material, physical and effective concretization of the research ideas.


Search hardware performance and fabrication is one of the lines of investigation. It is for the student to address the issue of the material in terms of its actual performance and making strategies when it comes to 3D Printing and robot programming.


The Structural Design & Robotic Workshop encourages students to take initiative, invent and make their own tools, either hardware or software.

About using the workshop facility - RDRWの使い方 (予め読んで下さい)






















ロボットアームの使い方について (導入検討中)






_KUKA / PRC Grasshopperプラグインのライセンスが必要な場合がありますので,管理者に訪ねてください.











About using the workshop space and facilities

_The workshop space is opened everyday from 10H00 to 18H00, excluding weekends. _Last admission for lazercutting is 1 hour before closing hour.
_Special hours will be implemented during the critics’ periods.
_Special demands could be made through Kanada Studio website reservation service. _Opening on weekends could be possible under justification.

_In order to protect the workshop facilities, the user should lock the door every time he/she leaves the space. In case of theft, Kanada-Studio cannot be held responsible for the student’s belongings.
_In order to keep the workshop operational, every day before leaving the place, all the tools should be cleaned and put back to their original place. In case of model making, the residual material and dust should be cleaned from both tables and floor. Please use the vacuums if needed.

_It is strictly prohibited to take the tools out of the workshop space.
_The computers made available for students are for common use. Private documents such as photos, music, movies cannot be stored. If found any, it will be deleted without notice.
_Each student must create its personal file to stock his own working document. Please do not leave your documents on the desktop.
_It is strictly forbidden to access or delete other’s files.
_It is forbidden to install any software. Please always ask the workshop manager.
_A computer consumes energy; please turn it off before leaving the space.

_For any session of more than 2 hours, a reservation is necessary. Please proceed through the reservation system. _In case of canceling, please send as soon as possible a message to
_To avoid software licenses conflicts, please close Rhinoceros window properly, and close your laboratory session.


About using the Robot Arms

_For safety reasons, non-concerned students must not enter the robot area under any circumstance, nor try moving manually the arm or deteriorating it.
_Any student wishing to use the robot tools must have subscribe, at least, to the university insurance for both cases of being injured and for ruining the material. Before using it the 1st time, an insurance certificate/proof must be shown to the workshop administrator.

_For safety reasons, robotic safety procedures should be taught in prior, every student must attend the training session for both safety and programming before being able to manipulate the robot arms.
_The safety and programming session is offered once a month on every third Friday. A reservation is necessary.
_A license of KUKA/PRC Grasshopper plugin might be necessary. Please ask the robotic workshop manager.

_For safety, while operating the robot, 2 students or more must be present in the room, and out of the safety floor mark.
_For using the robotic facility, a prior reservation is always mandatory. Due to ongoing research and prototyping, up to 2 weeks notice might be necessary.

_In case of self-motivated research interest in robotics, you will be asked to afford your expendable material.


About physical models and storage

_The workshop is a common space; it belongs therefore to all the students.
_You must not stock nor leave your personal production under any circumstance. If found any, a general email will be sent. If the item is not removed within 48 Hours, it will be destroyed and thrown away without notice.
_Only on-going work can be left on the tables during the construction period.


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